Celebrating our Board Members

It is with a bittersweet mix of gratitude and sadness that we announce the end of tenure for three luminary board members: Elise van Oss, Dr. Sue Henderson, and Dr. John Allegrante. They have all been invaluable assets to our organization for many years, dedicating their time, energy, and expertise.
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Top Tips for Staying on Top of Your Finances as a Student

Money matters are a top priority for many students heading to university. But for those adventurous academics who decide to study abroad, it’s even more important to properly manage your finances. Not only will you have to navigate the nuances of an entirely new financial system, but there may be additional costs to pay that you never factored into your budget. In this post, we provide you
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Networking and Interviewing 101

Being an international student in the US is hard. But being an international student and trying to find a job, particularly in this job market, is harder. So, what are some of the strategies you can employ to find a job in this market?
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One To World at the 63rd Annual U.S. Naval Academy’s Annual Foreign Affairs Conference

One To World's collaboration with the U.S. Naval Academy's annual Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC) brings together students from universities worldwide to discuss current global affairs. Yuriy Bistro, a student from Ukraine said, “It opened a new vision for me in collaborating with academic peers. It helped me understand what people from different countries think. Most importantly, we became friends in such a short time that it hurt
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"One To World is the best platform for the international students who are living in New York and the adjoining area. The events are very well organized, interactive, and very exciting. A person never feels alone. The interaction with other students brings you closer to many countries, cultures and languages. One To World activities enable you to foster everlasting friendships, and this is the most meaningful experience!"
Zaeem Aslam
Student from Pakistan at Stevens Institute of Technology