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Annual Report

Thank you to our community


Dear Friends, 

This past year we faced a great deal of uncertainty. Each new day has brought new roadblocks to international peace and understanding, each new mandate making it harder for international students to feel safe or welcome in our country. These challenges have only served to make One To World more resolute in our commitment to our mission and to our community. 

This report will give you a look at what international understanding in the Fulbright tradition looks like at One To World. You’ll read about our unique programming and how we bring people together in conversation and action. Our programs are made successful by the young leaders from over 100 countries who, as international students and Fulbright scholars, call New York City their home away from home, and by the Americans and institutions who welcome them. 

Through One To World’s programs, both in person and virtual, we have the privilege of witnessing wisdom, empathy, and perception grow in our international and American participants…This past year has been perhaps the most challenging One To World has faced in its 43 years, but by joining together in the face of isolationism, we know that we can, and we must, keep moving forward with Senator Fulbright’s vision for a more peaceful world. 

To all our friends, members, hosts, and donors, we cannot thank you enough for your perseverance and belief in our work. We could not have come through this year without your steadfast support, and we will need it as we continue our work in the face of an uncertain future.


Sue Henderson, PhD Board Chair    

Jen E. Clarke Executive Director

Read our 2020 Annual Report to learn more about One To World’s impact in the 2019-2020 school year. 

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