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Global Classroom

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Please help us ensure that Global Classroom is available to students and teachers throughout the NYC-area, because every student has the right to a global education!

To enable more schools to participate, One To World subsidizes fees, which cover less than half of our program expenses. We look to your contribution to help match the other half and support the growth and success of this program.

One To World is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Make a tax deductible contribution to One To World by clicking here.

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  • Assistant Principal, School for Excellence

    Global Classroom has transformed the achievement of even our most disengaged students. Our students face all of the challenges of poverty, including cultural segregation, which so often results in misunderstanding and intolerance. In bringing authentic voices on global issues and cultures to our classrooms, Global Classroom confronts our students’ isolation and presents them with opportunities for acquiring the cultural capital they need for success.