Advancing international understanding
in the Fulbright tradition
Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition
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Global Classroom

Reviews and Testimonials about Global Classroom

Hear Jaylene, a 6th grader from the Bronx, speak about her Global Classroom experience at our 2017 Fulbright Awards Dinner. 


Educator Testimonials:

"While remote learning is certainly different than live teaching, the Global Classroom activities that were revised to be presented online were succinct and engaging. Students definitely benefited from the teaching, and learning alongside [Global] Guides. Many said it was the highlight of their day!"

- Principal, P.S. 183

“For the past three years, Global Classroom has transformed the achievement of even our most disengaged students […] Our students face all of the challenges of poverty, including cultural segregation which so often results in misunderstanding and intolerance. In bringing authentic voices on global issues and cultures to our classrooms, Global Classroom confronts our students’ isolation and presents them with opportunities for acquiring the cultural capital they need for success.”

- Assistant Principal, School for Excellence

“It’s difficult to quantify the full impact of Global Classroom, truly a bright light shining on our entire school community. I have observed our Club members becoming more aware of and sensitive to others’ cultures and ideas. On behalf of our entire school community, we are deeply grateful for Global Classroom because through it, our Club has grown into a powerful space of understanding and unity.”

-Teacher, High School of World Cultures


Student Testimonials:

Global Classroom was a great experience for me. I was introduced to a new culture, and different ways of life. It was interesting to see the differences between the United States and Russia. This experience left an impression on me, and inspired me so that one day I may go visit another country.”

-8th grader, Middle School 118

“The Global Classroom project was a new experience that opened my mind up to the world. We were able to learn more than what we see in everyday media and textbooks. [I] love learning about new countries and the daily life of people outside the United States. I enjoyed learning that no matter what country we live in, we are somehow all connected.”

-10th grader, School for Excellence


Global Guide Testimonials:

“I would like to give credit to One To World for its strong effort to bring education alive.”

-Peter Kabigi, Global Guide from Tanzania

“[Global Classroom] is very rewarding not just for the American students but for us as international students too. It's not only about teaching, but more about developing your critical thinking and view of America. I also felt a responsibility - because what they see at the class is how they think, maybe for their whole life, about Russia.”

-Marina Dolgova, Global Guide from Russia

  • Fulbright scholars and their families enjoying a day on a sailboat on the Hudson while learning about the ecology of the water
  • International students visiting Manhattan residents on their rooftop
  • Chinese Fulbright scholar and her daughter holding three pumpkins during an apple picking tour in upstate New York
  • Large group of Fulbright students on a walking tour at the Oculus and World Trade Center in Downotwn Manhataan
  • Middle EAstern Fulbright scholar enjoying a thanksgiving meal with hosts in upstate New York
  • Fulbright scholars with their host family and dog smiling after dinner
  • Fulbright scholar grantee and their two children picking apples in upstate new york
  • Fulbright scholar recipient giving a speech at a podium
  • Fulbright scholars spending Thanksgiving day with their host family and One To World board member