Advancing international understanding
in the Fulbright tradition
Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition
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Fulbright Grantees

Fulbright Scholars

Fulbright Scholar Enrichment Programs:

For Fulbright grantees sponsored by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES).

One To World cooperates with CIES to bring you monthly programs and activities especially designed for Fulbright scholars & their families. Our goal is to create substantive programs that enrich your experience in the New York area and broaden your understanding of contemporary life and culture in the U.S.

One To World functions as a local resource center, answering questions as you get settled and seeing to it that you enjoy your stay in the New York area to the fullest. (the "New York area" stretches from New Haven, Connecticut to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New York City is the midpoint, and most of our activities take place here.)

Throughout the year (September through May approximately), One To World sponsors a variety of programs - bus and walking tours, concert and theater parties, receptions, and other social activities. We provide opportunities for scholars and their families to visit business, educational and cultural centers and meet New Yorkers prominent in industry, government, and the arts. You can expect to receive periodic announcements via mail (& email) which highlight upcoming Fulbright activities as well as other events happening in the NYC area that may be of interest to you.

Fulbright Scholars and Global Classroom

In addition to our monthly programs, we strongly encourage you to get involved in Global Classroom! Global Classroom provides international scholars an opportunity to lead interactive, curriculum-related presentations in New York City public schools about their countries and cultures as well as their academic disciplines. Global Classroom is a wonderful way to further Senator Fulbright's message while learning more about the city from the perspective of its young people. We hope you'll choose to get involved right away and help us in our efforts to bring the world into NYC schools!

Contact Us

For more information about One To World's Fulbright Scholar Enrichment Programs, please contact Marisa Silva, Director of Membership & Programs, or call (212) 431-1195.


  • Fulbright scholars and their families enjoying a day on a sailboat on the Hudson while learning about the ecology of the water
  • International students visiting Manhattan residents on their rooftop
  • Chinese Fulbright scholar and her daughter holding three pumpkins during an apple picking tour in upstate New York
  • Large group of Fulbright students on a walking tour at the Oculus and World Trade Center in Downotwn Manhataan
  • Middle EAstern Fulbright scholar enjoying a thanksgiving meal with hosts in upstate New York
  • Fulbright scholars with their host family and dog smiling after dinner
  • Fulbright scholar grantee and their two children picking apples in upstate new york
  • Fulbright scholar recipient giving a speech at a podium
  • Fulbright scholars spending Thanksgiving day with their host family and One To World board member