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Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition
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The Global Financial Crisis: What Have We Learned in 10 Years? - Session 3


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Date: 03/23/18 Cost: $0 Time: 3:00 PM Location: New York

It's been a decade since the global financial crisis of 2008. What lessons did we learn from the crisis and has anything been done to prevent a future economic collapse? Join us for three FREE roundtable discussions about the past, present, and future of responsible management in the global financial system. Each session will be led by two experts who will share their professional experiences in the business world and facilitate a conversation on relevant topics that impact all of us as consumers, professionals, and global citizens. 

This is a unique opportunity to engage in a candid exchange of ideas with seasoned professionals and discuss hot topics in global business ethics, preventing corporate misconduct, and the importance of good governance and regulation. 

The sessions will be held at Centre for Social Innovation in Manhattan, and will include refreshments as well as a chance to network with the experts and other students and Fulbright scholars after the discussion.

Experts for the third meeting on March 23rd:

Salvatore Schiliro
is the Global Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Market Conduct (MC) risk and covers Compliance and Operating Risk Control in the Americas for UBS AG, New York. One key area is Monitoring and Surveillance. He is an Executive Director at UBS Group Internal Audit, where he has been for about 10 years. He has had prior roles in other banks, specifically Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, where he has headed Investment Banking audit teams. Mr. Schiliro has an MBA in Finance and a BEE in Electrical Engineering.     

Patrick Simonnet is the Global Head of Audit, Market Behavior & Conduct of Credit Suisse. Mr. Simonnet has enjoyed a long career in banking and financial services, including roles as the Executive Director of Regulatory Change at JPMorgan Chase & Co., and the COO of Goldman Sachs in France. Mr. Simonnet is also the President of the Sciences Po Alumni Association in the U.S. and a Director of the Sciences Po Foundation.  

Date: Friday, March 23rd 

Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (approx.)

Location: Centre for Social Innovation - meeting instructions will be emailed before the program.

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 19th  

Cost:* FREE 

Refreshments: A variety of food will be provided throughout the program. 

Marisa Silva, Coordinator of Enrichment Programs, here or (212) 431-1195 ext. 32

*This program is generously sponsored by the Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust.