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Cultural Cuisine: Senegalese Restaurant


Event Details

Date: 10/26/17 Cost: $23 Time: 6:30 PM Location: Harlem

Join us for our first Cultural Cuisine program of the academic year! 
Did you know that West 116th Street in Manhattan is known as Le Petit Sénégal (Little Senegal)? We're kicking off our Cultural Cuisine series with a trip to Harlem for a delicious and authentic Senegalese dinner! The unique flavors of Senegal are influenced by North African, French, and Portuguese culinary traditions. Enjoy this eclectic menu with other international students. After all, sharing a meal is the best way to make new friends! 

This menu has been specifically designed for One To World guests. You will be able to choose an appetizer and drink. Our entrees will be served family style. 

(Choose one)
*Fried Plantains - Sweet bananas sliced and fried
*Salad Green salad leaves with tomato, grated carrot and eggs

Entrees (Served family-style)
*Thiebu Djen  Exotic rice with tomato served with eggplant, carrots, cassava and white cabbage (vegetarian)
*Thiebu Djen - Fish stewed in a rich tomato sauce with eggplant, carrots, cassava and white cabbage; served over rice with tomato 
*Lamb Maffe - Lamb marinated and cooked with vegetables in creamy peanut sauce
*Thiebu Yapp - Lamb with rice and stewed vegetables in tomato sauce
*Chicken Yassa 
Chicken marinated in lemon and onions, sautéed, and served with white rice
Dessert (Served individually)
*Thiakry - Sweet couscous mixed with sour cream and pure vanilla extract, topped with fruit

(Choose one)

*Bissap Juice Deep red juice made from dried Hibiscus (Sorell) flowers
*Bouye Juice Juice made from the dried fruits of the great Baobab tree

Date: Thursday, October 26th
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (approx.)
Location: Le Baobab Restaurant, 120 West 116th St., New York, NY 10026 
Cost: $23 (includes meal & tip)
Registration Deadline: Monday, October 23rd
Contact: Estelle Kembola, Enrichment Programs Global Fellow, here or at (212) 431-1195 ext. 33

*All program fees are non-refundable.