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Cultural Cuisine at Khyber Pass Afghani Restaurant


Event Details

Date: 04/17/17 Cost: $24 Time: 6:30 PM Location: Manhattan

We only have two Cultural Cuisine dinners left for this semester. Don't miss the chance to join us for a delicious Afghani dinner, and immerse yourself in the distinct flavors of this Central Asian country! Khyber Pass restaurant in the East Village will be welcoming our group this April. The menu for the evening is designed especially for our One To World guests, so you can sample a variety of delicious Afghani dishes! Located near New York University and Washington Square Park, spend an evening in this lively neighborhood!

This menu has been specifically designed for One To World guests. All of the dishes will be served family style with bread, salad, and rice. 

Appetizers (served family style)

*Ashak: scallion dumplings served with yogurt-mint sauce, prepared two ways: with ground beef or vegetarian
*Badenjan Bouranee: sautéed eggplant slices topped with yogurt-mint sauce, prepared two ways: with ground beef or vegetarian
*Sambosa: crispy deep-fried dumplings stuffed with beef, split peas, and spices, served with yogurt dip
*Fesenjan: sweet and sour tender pieces of boneless chicken flavored with walnuts and pomegranate juice

Entrees (served family style)

*Bamia Chalow (vegetarian): okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and spices, served with white basmati rice 
*Lubia Palow (vegetarian): sautéed red kidney beans with onions, garlic, and tomatoes, served with brown rice
*Sabze Chalow (vegetarian): spicy sautéed chopped spinach and scallions, served with white rice
*Quorma Chalow: lamb sautéed with onions and tomatoes, served with  basmati rice
*Shireen Palow: traditional rice dish cooked with orange peels, saffron, almonds, and pistachios, served with grilled Cornish game hen
*Lowand Chalow: tender morsels of boneless chicken sauteed in a savory yogurt sauce seasoned with spices, served with white rice
*Mantoo Pasta: steamed dumplings filled with minced beef and seasoned with onions, herbs, and spices, served with homemade noodles and topped with yogurt and meat sauce


*Firnee: traditional Afghan milk pudding with pistachios and rose water


*Dough: refreshing Afghani yogurt drink flavored with mint and cucumber

Date: Monday, April 17th 

Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (approx.)

LocationKhyber Pass, 34 Saint Marks Place, NY 10003 - see map here

Cost:* $24 (includes meal & tip)

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 14th

Contact: Zeïneb Boughzou, Enrichment Programs Global Fellow, at zeineb@one-to-world.org or at (212) 431-1195 ext. 26

*All program fees are non-refundable.