Advancing international understanding
in the Fulbright tradition
Advancing international understanding in the Fulbright tradition
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One To World Ken Forde Internship

The One To World Ken Forde Internship, established in 2018, is awarded each semester to an international graduate or upper-level undergraduate student, or an American student who demonstrates dedication to international education and intercultural exchange.

Ken Forde was born in Limerick, Ireland, and was educated at Cistercian College Roscrea and University College Dublin. An international student himself, Ken first came to the U.S. on the J-1 student exchange program before attending the University of Minnesota in the early ’70s, earning a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations.

During his 20 year tenure as Chair of One To World’s Board of Directors, Ken Forde stewarded the growth and achievements of what was then Metro International through the crucial first two decades of the organization’s existence. Because of his courage and faith in urging others to take on the challenges of a growing organization, One To World has thrived while similar organizations in other cities were not able to continue. For this reason, and many others, we are proud to offer this internship named in his honor.

The Ken Forde Intern can be placed in the Enrichment Programs or Development departments and will be compensated with a competitive monthly stipend. (It may be possible to receive credit if arranged through the intern’s academic department.) Click here for information about the internship positions. 

  • Fulbright scholars and their families enjoying a day on a sailboat on the Hudson while learning about the ecology of the water
  • International students visiting Manhattan residents on their rooftop
  • Chinese Fulbright scholar and her daughter holding three pumpkins during an apple picking tour in upstate New York
  • Large group of Fulbright students on a walking tour at the Oculus and World Trade Center in Downotwn Manhataan
  • Middle EAstern Fulbright scholar enjoying a thanksgiving meal with hosts in upstate New York
  • Fulbright scholars with their host family and dog smiling after dinner
  • Fulbright scholar grantee and their two children picking apples in upstate new york
  • Fulbright scholar recipient giving a speech at a podium
  • Fulbright scholars spending Thanksgiving day with their host family and One To World board member